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Hi, I'm Tony. I live in Chicago with my wife and two kids. I'm a dad trying to balance work with raising a family in this great city with fitting in doing the things that I love to do. Like most of you, I have a wide variety of interests and life experiences and hope to add to the list of interests and life experiences. This website is where I plan to log some of those experiences and share them with anyone who's interested in reading about them.


I am a graphic designer. My background is in print but most of the work I do is designing and building websites. You can learn more about my work and my business here. I love well-designed things and plan to share some of that here as well. 


I love all things related to food. I love to eat and try new food. I also love to cook. I also love to learn about food. I have a cooking blog that focuses on food that I cook at home for my family that is easy, nutritious, and family-friendly. I plan to continue blogging there but want to keep it focused on that topic. So, other posts about cooking and eating will be posted here. 

I love to travel. Traveling is an important part of our family's lives and we'd love to share some of those experiences with our family and friends. In addition to pictures, it's great to provide some narrative, not only for those we share with but for ourselves. 

I am a tennis enthusiast and have gotten back to playing the game in recent years. I love following professional tennis as well as playing as much as I can. I hope to share some of my thoughts about playing and watching. 

I...many other things as well! Hopefully, you'll get to know what they are at this website.